Wedding Guidelines

Wedding reservations are different than our typical operations; normally we operate Quinta Maria Cortez “QMC” as a boutique Bed & Breakfast (were we include breakfast with the room rate, do not offer other bar or meal service and do not allow children).  Casa Tres Vidas “CTV” is normally operated in the traditional “Villa Concept” (renting the villas with kitchen staff and the guests pay for the food). 

 With a Wedding reservation, both properties are reserved and operated in a combined way, catering to your needs.  We offer complimentary buffet breakfast to all guests, we allow children at both properties and other food & beverage services are contracted in advance via our office in the United States.

Accommodation Guidelines:

  • A minimum rental period of 4 nights is required (1st of May thru the 20th of December) for both properties, Quinta Maria Cortez and Casa Tres Vidas, to secure your wedding room block.

    • During this period we can accommodate smaller weddings utilizing only Casa Tres Vidas, please call us for further details.

  • A minimum rental period of 5 nights is required (6th of January thru the 30th of April) for both properties, Quinta Maria Cortez and Casa Tres Vidas, to secure your wedding room block.

  • Christmas / New Year Holiday is excluded from Wedding Bookings

  • The following rates apply (Rate is total for 4 or 5 nights):

    • Value Season Rate for 4 nights (1MAY24 to 31OCT24) - $21,230.USD

    • High Season Rate for 4 nights (1NOV24 to 20DEC24) - $25,537.USD

    • High Season Rate for 5 nights (06JAN24 to 30APR24) Saturday arrivals only - $31,922.USD

  • There are a total of 19 bedrooms with 25 beds and 1 queen-size hide-a-bed detailed as following for the 2 properties:

    • CTV – 3 villas (Vida Alta, Vida Sol & Vida Mar) with a total of 10 bedrooms

      • 11 King-size beds and 1 queen-size bed plus one queen-size hide-a-bed.

    • QMC – 7 suites with a total of 9 bedrooms

      • 5 King-size beds, 4 queen-size beds and 4 twin-size day beds.

  • The Maximum occupancy combining both properties is 42 guests.

    • Any additional guests will be charged $25. per person/per night (including breakfast).

Collecting funds from Guests:

This is a service that we offer, with the following items:

  • You will need to provide us with a complete rooming list at least 120 days prior to arrival with full names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

  • Individual credit cards will be processed 45-60 days prior to arrival for total due if only paying one payment. For most wedding parties we collect a one night deposit 2 to 6 months prior to the room block dates and final payment 45 days prior to arrival.

  • One form of payment (credit card) per room, please.

Wedding Event Fee:

  • The Wedding Event Fee is $3,000 for up to 50 guests. This event fee covers the use of our property and beach for your Wedding Event. This fee is applicable for events Monday through Saturday. Sunday or Holiday events incur additional charges.

  • Additional Wedding Guests above 50 are $50 per person. Multiple Events will incur additional charges. The event fee also includes:

    • All event employees – bartenders, wait staff, chef & kitchen help

    • Rental Equipment – tables, chairs, chair covers, linens, place settings

    • An additional fee of $25 per person will apply to an event that includes a full sit- down meal on the beach or roof-top terraces.

Deposits & Payments:

  • For Accommodations (Entire Room Block) & Event Fee

    • 25% at time of booking for bookings made more than 9 months prior to arrival.

    • 25% - 9 months prior to arrival or 50% of the total.

    • 25% - 4 months prior to arrival or 75% of the total.

    • Final payment 30 days prior to arrival.

  • Food & Beverage

    • Food & Beverage costs are due 30 days prior to your event.

    • Food & Beverage guarantees are due 14 days prior to your group arrival.


  • Accommodations – Entire Room Block

    • 25% deposit is non-refundable.

    • A total of 50% of the accommodation fee is non-refundable for cancellations made 9 months to 120 days prior to arrival.

    • A total of 75% of the accommodation fee is non-refundable for cancellations made 120 days to 31 days prior to arrival.

    • Bookings cancelled 30 days or less prior to arrival are totally non-refundable.

  • If there is an unlikely/unforeseeable issue/event such as fire on the property, earthquake, hurricane in or around Puerto Vallarta that would prevent us from hosting your wedding event at our property, we would offer you a full refund for any unused room nights, Food & Beverage and Event Fee.

Wedding Co-coordinator:

  • A professional Wedding Coordinator must be contracted to oversee the wedding details not offered by Villas in Vallarta. You are welcome to choose any local wedding planner.

  • We recommend:

    • Tamara Bradley Morales. She can be contacted at: email -; Website -; Tel. - 011 52 1 322 141-5121

Site Inspections

  • We offer a complimentary 3-night stay on deposited bookings if you would like to come preview our complete selection of rooms, public spaces and grounds.

  • If you would like a site inspection prior to a deposit being made on your booking, we will charge for your stay and credit the charge toward your wedding reservation.

On-site Options:

  • Beverage Stocking Service – for a flat $400 charge, we will stock the refrigerators prior to your arrival in the suites and villas. Drinks - 10 cases of a mix of soft drinks. Choose from Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. 4 cases of beer. Choose from Modelo (can), Pacifico (bottle), and Corona (bottle). 4 cases of water.

    • CTV – will stock all villa fridges with 6 of each type of drink.

    • QMC – will stock each suite fridge with 2 of each type of drink

    • Remaining drinks will be put in Vida Sol for all guests to access

  • We offer a complimentary breakfast 6 days a week for up to 42 guests served for up to 1 hour each day (9:00am to 10:00am)

    • We do not offer Breakfast on Sundays

Food & Beverage:

We will supply you with a Food & Beverage “F&B” Banquet Event Order “BEO” well before your arrival. All meals done on property during your 4 or 5-day event must be ordered 30 days in advance and noted on the F&B BEO.

  • Any additional items such as snacks (chips & salsas, etc.) and beverages which are requested on-site, must be done so 24 hours in advance. Our staff goes shopping each day at 11:00am for the next 24-hour period. Requests must be made by 10:30am for that afternoon and the following day. Requests must be made by 10:30am on Saturday for Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday morning. Most of the staff have Sunday off. These additional items ordered on-site are to be paid for in cash on-site.


  • Children — Children under 2 are free. Children under 18 are exempt from bar charges.

  • On the day of your wedding, we request that you refrain from using the Vida Sol sala and pool to give our staff the opportunity to set up for the wedding reception and dinner.

  • Staff — Sunday is the staff’s day off. We do not offer breakfast or other meal service on Sunday. We also do not have maid service on Sundays.

  • Rain — As you know, we are a unique property and do not have a ballroom as back-up. In the case of rain it becomes more difficult to handle over 50 guests.

  • Music — We offer the use of our existing sound system at QMC & CTV (mid level in the adjoining Salas/living areas) consisting of a Computer with iTunes (about 5000 songs) and 2 Sony receivers (200 watt) and a 5 disk CD player with 8 to 10 speakers. IPod hook ups. Your local wedding planner also has many live options available to you.

    • If you plan to use an iPod, you need to assign a DJ or someone to handle the music.

    • Please remember, we are in a residential area and cannot have loud music after 11:00pm

    • Please respect our equipment by not playing music to loud with the potential to blow the speakers or sound system. And do not move our equipment with out prior approval from the manager.

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