Our boutique property features a full time staff of over a dozen dedicated professionals, each committed to making your stay exceed all expectations. Since their average length of employment is over 15 years, it’s obvious they love their jobs and being a part of the ViV family. And since over 50% of our clients are repeat customers, it’s obvious our guests love them as well.

Onsite manager, Jose Ruiz de Anda and his assistant Roberto oversee the property, our clients’ needs & staff requirements. Since Jose has lived in PV his entire live, he acts as our Concierge and can arrange just anything, including:

  • Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations
  • Rental Car Reservations or Car & Driver arrangements
  • Day tours including:
    • Zip line excursions
    • Boat tours
    • Jeep & Hiking day trips
    • Golf outings
    • Snorkeling & Diving
    • Fishing trips
  • Laundry services


Our in-house Chefs are second to none. Eduardo and Pablo both possess extensive experience in the culinary arts, including stints with cruise ships and four-star catering companies. Ines is our breakfast specialist. She is the goddess of the griddle and remembers exactly how everyone likes their omelets.

  • Housemen
    • Ramiro, Daniel and Julian offer great service with a smile to all of our guests. No request is more than they can handle. They serve cocktails and meals to our guests staying at Casa Tres Vidas. Julian also acts as the breakfast waiter at Quinta Maria Cortez.
  • Maids
    • Petra, Rosario, Angelina & Ester have all been with us for years. Petra actually worked for the owners of Casa Tres Vidas prior to our purchased in 2000. Together they work as a team to keep our property clean and tidy.
  • Maintenance
    • Ricardo & Pena do all of the maintenance for both properties. Whether it is repairing plumbing, painting, phones or computers, they are able to fix just about anything that needs it.
  • Night watchman
    • Jimmy our night watchman is on site every night from sundown to sunup and makes sure that everything is safe and secure with the help of our security cameras. Our guests feel secure in knowing that Jimmy is waiting on the street when they return home in the evening. He not only opens the cab door and sees you to the building, but also makes note of the cab number and drivers name in case you suddenly remember that you left your iPhone or other valuable in the cab.