Historic Jungle Adventure

Historic Jungle Adventure

As someone who has had the amazing opportunity to grow up in a beautiful place like Puerto Vallarta, I am constantly asked by visitors about fun things to do for the day. This is a hard question to answer because there are so many things to see and do. One of my favorite day trips to enjoy when I have friends in town is to take a Jeep safari to the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta.

We start out by traveling the well-worn dirt roads outside of the city that seem to climb forever into the beautiful tropical jungle. I like to stop along the way to enjoy the amazing views of the Sierra Madre region that can be seen from the numerous overlooks along the trail. Eventually, we reach the traditional village of El Tuito, a great representation of 16th century Mexican architecture. My friends are always surprised at all the things they see and learn from the short walking tour I take them on of this small, picturesque mountain village.

After our visit to El Tuito, we then proceed to Hacienda el Divisadero, home of a local distillery that specializes in the production of Raicilla. Raicilla is a local spirit similar in taste to tequila, but one that possesses its own unique flavor. My friends always buy some to take home after their first taste. We then finish our outing with a simple, yet flavorful lunch at one of the many open-air bars in the area, before heading back to the city.

Beautiful views, jungle trekking and historic architecture all in one day. And that is just one of the many day trips available to you when you visit Puerto Vallarta. Remember, when you stay at Villas in Vallarta, all you need to do is speak to our Concierge and he can arrange for your own Jeep safari. I guarantee you’ll never forget the ride!

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