Enjoying a Staycation

Enjoying a Staycation

If there’s one single thing that can diminish your vacation, it’s trying to do too much. You know the feeling…you want to cram as much ‘fun’ into your trip as possible, resulting in a never ending conveyor belt of whirlwind activities. This run and gun approach to relaxing is anything but. This is also the major reason a lot of people feel like they need to take a vacation from their vacation when they get home. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

To really get the most stress relief from your Mexican vacation, I recommend spending at least one whole day enjoying a ‘staycation’. For those unfamiliar with the term, a staycation refers to staying at home and doing fun and different things as opposed to traveling somewhere to experience a traditional vacation. But it also works while away from home. All you have to do is fight the urge to rush around seeing everything and simply enjoy a day at Villas in Vallarta. There’s plenty to enjoy without having to worry about crowds, parking, lines or conforming to a schedule.

I suggest you begin your staycation with a leisurely made-to-order breakfast, served to you under a palapa-covered table on our terrace patio. As you experience the eye opening taste of your first cup of gourmet coffee, look out over the beautiful blue ocean and see if you can catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales breeching the waves. It definitely beats the headlines from the morning paper.

After breakfast, why not enjoy a leisurely walk down the beach to Playa de los Muertos, where you’ll find numerous things to see and do. First the sand…this part of Puerto Vallarta features sand that ranges in color from a light beige to black. Its fine grains will sooth your feet like nothing you’ve sensed before. Check out the parasailers and decide if that is something you dare to experience. Converse with the various vendors who walk by selling everything from jewelry to art. Snap some shots of the friendly pelicans that frequent the area. But more than anything else, just relax.

When you’ve experienced the beach life fully, return to Villas in Vallarta and take delight in the simple pleasures a float in our pool offers. Listen to the ocean, your iPod or a book on tape while you leisurely float under the Mexican sun and ignore the outside world. Now this is what a vacation is all about.

After your float, a quick siesta in your relaxing room really hits the spot. Recharge and reflect – it will prepare you for more staycation activities later. Down pillows and 1,000 count sheets have never felt so alluring. And the sounds of the waves gently crashing on the beach provide the perfect soundtrack for your nap.

Now that you’re rested and recharged, it’s time for lunch. I suggest you take another short, leisurely walk to La Playita, a favorite locals and visitors beachfront restaurant. Deeply inhale the fresh ocean scents as you take in the bay views the open-air patio offers. Dishes ranging from local seafood to fajitas are available at reasonable prices and the cervezas are always served ice cold.

With a great meal under your belt, why not enjoy some cards or one of the many board games available for guests? It’s a wonderful way to fill a stress-free afternoon. You will never enjoy a game of cribbage as much as you will while reclining on your own terrace with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. A word of warning – it’s hard to be competitive in this kind of an environment.

As sunset approaches, head down to the bar patio and experience the joy and flavors of a ViV margarita. The rich orange and red colors of the setting sun look their best when viewed through the bottom of your glass as your finish your tasty cocktail. After the sun sets, dinner plans are easy…just return to your villa room and indulge your taste buds with a sumptuous meal prepared by your own private chef from a menu you help design.

After dinner, why not end the evening with your favorite beverage and a soak in your warm, private Jacuzzi? Good conversation combined with breathtaking views accompanied by the cool ocean breezes make for the perfect ending to a perfect day. Taking the time for a staycation while on vacation is not only relaxing; it’s what makes life worth living.