Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are you near the beach?

Yes, we are on the beach!

You enter QMC & CTV from the street at the back of the properties about 5 stories above the beach. You can make your way down the stairs and go out on the beach from the big gate at QMC or the beach door at the bottom of the steps at CTV.

Q. Can you swim in front of QMC/CTV?
  • Yes & No – directly in front of QMC/CTV there is a strip of sandy beach with rocks sticking out of the water beyond the beach. If the bay is calm you can swim in front of the property and even snorkel around the rocks. If the bay is rough, the waves crash on the rocks and it is dangerous to swim directly in front.

  • Less than 100 yards to the South you can swim when the bay is rough. The sandy beach continues all the way into the water.

  • You can also swim to the North

Q. Can you walk to town?
  • Not in heels!

  • We recommend that you walk along the beach to get to town. It is a 10 to 20 minute walk to Playa Los Muertos depending on how fast you walk. Right before you get to Playa Los Muertos you have to go up a path over the rocks about 75 to 100 feet about above the sea. If you are not in good shape we do not recommend walking and encourage you to take a taxi.

  • We do not recommend that you walk to town on the Beach at night. It is very dark and it is easy to trip on the rocks, etc.

  • We do not recommend walking on the main highway (Mexico 200). It is a very busy street and there is not a side walk and has very little shoulder.

Q. Do you have a restaurant and/or bar on property?


All suites at QMC have a refrigerator and/or a kitchenette. The refrigerators are stocked with 2 Cokes, Diet Coke, Sprite and beer to start you off.

Additional refreshments can be purchased at a store in town or at the convenience store “OXXO” on the main highway above QMC/CTV

There is a nice restaurant “La Playita” just to the South. To get there go out the big gate on the beach and turn right over the rocks and under the pool of the building next door. You will cross a nice crescent beach that the sand goes all the way in the water. At the far side of the beach you will find a wall with stair leading up. Take those stairs and continue down the cobble stone dirt road the dead ends at the restaurant. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner seven days a week.

Q. How far of a walk is it to town?
  • It all depends on where in town you are going and what kind of shape you are in.

  • If you walk along the beach it is about a 15 minute walk to Playa Los Muertos (the main beach in town), please note that right before you get to Playa Los Muertos you have to hike up and over a rocky outcropping that maybe difficult for some guests.

  • You can also walk up to the Highway then down the first street to the North; Calle Santa Barbara that leads right into old town (much less traffic than the highway).

Q. How many stairs are there?


QMC is an 8 level building and the equivalent of a 10 story building. There is NO ELEVATOR. There is basically 1 suite per level and you enter the property from the street at the back of the property. 2/3 of the building cascades down to the beach.

QMC is a very unique old building built beach front on the cliff side built by and an eccentric lady that liked black and painted most of the floors/stairs black. There are lots of steps and some with narrow doors/hall ways.

The best rooms to minimize steps are Ana Gabriela and Jessica that are on street level one level above the Sala/Breakfast area.

Q. Is breakfast included?

Yes Breakfast is included (that is one of the B's in B&B)

We serve Breakfast in the Palapa dinning area off the main Sala (Living room) one level below street level (between Ana Gabriela & Rafael)

Breakfast is served from 9:00am to 10:00am Monday thru Saturday. There is no Breakfast served on Sunday.

Q. Is there access to the internet?

Yes, we have good internet Wi-Fi access the internet free of charge. At check in you will be given a card with the password for the Wi-Fi that is good thru out the property.

Q. What do you mean that it is "Open to the Ocean"?

In the living areas of most of QMC & CTV it is Open to the Ocean meaning that there are no windows or doors. It is just open.

The temperature in Puerto Vallarta rarely falls below 65 degrees and most houses in PV are open to the Ocean.

Q. Why do you want our arrival and departure information?
  • So we can await your arrival!

  • With only 7 suites and guest that tend to stay 5 to 14 nights, we don’t have a front desk. We expect your arrival about 1 hour after the flight has landed and will have someone on hand to carry your luggage up the stairs to Maxi or down the stairs to Guadalupe or to any of the other beautiful suites.

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